New Vlora international airport project unveiled

Posted: 17 September 2019

Prime Minister Edi Rama’s remarks during presentation of project on construction of Vlora international airport: Thank you very much for your presence here at this crucial moment of changes we are bringing about in Vlora. I am very pleased that tod...

New academic year begins with more new schools built from scratch

Posted: 16 September 2019

Prime Minister Edi Rama’s remarks during inauguration of the completely renovated primary school “Servete Maçi” in Tirana on the start of the new academic year: Hello everyone! First of all, I would like to express a special gratitude to the p...

Berlin, Prime Minister Rama meets Chancellor Merkel

Posted: 13 September 2019

Prime Minister Edi Rama’s statement following the meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin: Prime Minister Edi Rama: We started the day early with a series of meetings and I will keep on meeting small groups or influential individ...

75th anniversary of Berat’s liberation

Posted: 13 September 2019

Deputy Prime Minister Erjon Braçe, the Minister of Tourism and Environment Blendi Klosi, members of parliament for the Berat constituency and many local residents marked today the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the south-western district of B...

Over 51 000 citizens’ complaints processed by Albania We Want Platform

Posted: 11 September 2019

Prime Minister Edi Rama at the weekly meeting with common citizens sharing their accounts on how through the help from the online platform Albania We Want they have solved various personal and community problems: Prime Minister Edi Rama: Hello every...

Distribution of free textbooks underway

Posted: 9 September 2019

“Mihal Grameno” 9th year school in Tirana, after 17 years of moisture, has been transformed into a modern space of education. Just like in every other school countrywide, distribution of textbooks benefiting 1st to 5th grade pupils for free is we...

Transforming investment continue in Vlora

Posted: 7 September 2019

Second phase of a project designed to lengthen the Vlora Waterfront Promenade to the Uji i Ftohte tunnel in the southern coastal city is already underway. Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Mayor of Vlora Dritan Leli, inspected this segment ...

Vlora River road, strategic investment project for whole area

Posted: 6 September 2019

The Vlora River road project, with its first segment already complete and the work to construct its second segment already underway, is bringing about fundamental transformation, not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of urban and tou...

Newly-built home for family in Gramsh

Posted: 5 September 2019

Kujtim Sharku, a resident in the village of Pishaj, Gramsh Municipality, welcomed Prime Minister Edi Rama and the Minister of Health and Social Protection Ogerta Manastirliu in his newly-built home. The previous living and poor housing conditions in ...

E-services, future of public service delivery

Posted: 4 September 2019

Prime Minister Edi Rama: Good afternoon everyone! We resume today the cycle of co-governance platform, which has of course kept working and being fully operational every day during the summer holidays and I am really very pleased to announce that co-...

New access road to Maliq, a road up to optimal standards

Posted: 1 September 2019

The newly-built road linking the town of Maliq and Libonik, from a bumpy road full of potholes that had become a nightmare and daunting experience for the drivers, now meets optimal road infrastructure standards , featuring also a protected bike lane...

Work to reconstruct dormitories in University of Korça underway

Posted: 1 September 2019

Work on complete reconstruction of the dormitory No.1 in the student campus in the south-eastern city of Korça, a project that is designed to profoundly improve the accommodation conditions for some 160 students housed in this building under the gov...

Work to reconstruct dormitories in Student City nears completion

Posted: 31 August 2019

Work to reconstruct some 11 dormitories has already complete in the Student City, the main student campus of Tirana University, while six more other buildings are about to complete in the coming weeks, and work to restore the final three dormitories ...

Houses destroyed by June quake in Floq, Korça, under reconstruction

Posted: 30 August 2019

Work is underway in the village of Floq, south-eastern district of Korça, to rebuild homes that were destroyed or damaged by a powerful earthquake that hit the area in June leaving many residents homeless. Intense reconstruction work is taking place...

New modern hospital to provide healthcare services to 275 000 residents in central district of Elbasan

Posted: 28 August 2019

The newly restored Emergency and Pathology Hospital in the central city of Elbasan has opened ahead of schedule and became fully operational today ensuring more than 275 000 residents of Elbasan district are provided emergency care, modern cardiolog...

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