Posted: 7 September 2019

Transforming investment continue in Vlora

Second phase of a project designed to lengthen the Vlora Waterfront Promenade to the Uji i Ftohte tunnel in the southern coastal city is already underway. Prime Minister Edi Rama, accompanied by the Mayor of Vlora Dritan Leli, inspected this segment where demolition work kicked off to make way for the infrastructure and urban requalification project in the whole area. The project’s second phase includes construction of a series of water pools for both children and adults, and seashore recreational spaces that will link to the promenade via a set of steps. “The project, which has already commenced with the demolition of all illegal buildings and other structures built over the years, is designed to restore the area to its former glory and identity by creating new beach areas, other public spaces like parks, sports and recreational grounds and squares,” Mayor Leli said.

“The whole area needs to be completely freed in order to safeguard the quality and the area’s facelift and transformation brought about by the so-called Lungomare, or the Water Promenade, which will further extend to the Uji i Ftohte tunnel area. This the project’s second phase. A third phase will include the area across the promenade,” PM Rama said, adding that the project will bring about spectacular development of the area.


“Mynyr Xhindi” primary and high school building in the village of Vllahine, southern district of Vlora, is undergoing complete reconstruction under a project designed to upgrade the facilities to meet the requirements of a modern school. Prime Minister Edi Rama visited the school of 168 pupils, where he spent some pleasant moments with a group of children who go to school for the first time this year. Accompanied by their parents, the schoolchildren were collecting their textbook packages that is provided for free to students from first to fifth grades. The Premier advised the schoolchildren to take care of their textbooks properly and love them because the book is the best friend they can find.


The heart of the old city crudely obliterated with dust, trash, chaotic construction and tragic ruins is being reborn is being reborn and being restored to its former grace and glory. Linking the new Ismail Qemali boulevard with the city’s historic area through the Flag Square, where the area’s entire restoration will start with the project’s completion, rendering historic and tourist Vlora a new attractive power and new sources of economy and employment development.