Posted: 6 September 2019

Vlora River road, strategic investment project for whole area

The Vlora River road project, with its first segment already complete and the work to construct its second segment already underway, is bringing about fundamental transformation, not only in terms of infrastructure, but also in terms of urban and tourist space. The around 100 km-long road is a strategic investment project that will provide a new connection Ionian coastal line and will boost economic and social development in the whole southern coastal region of Albania.

Prime Minister Edi Rama visited the southern coastal district of Vlora today to inspect the construction project and met local residents.

“It is a super road project,” Mayor of Vlora Dritan Leli said. “It was my childhood dream that comes true only now. It was my grandparents’ and parents’ dream too,” he added.

The 100-km road will link Vlora Bypass road and the village of the village of Qeparo on the Ionian coast, traversing through the Bridge of Peshkepia, the Bridge of Lasko, Kuç, as well as many other villages in the area. The road will feature an exit to Peshkepia and Selenica and the juncture of Levan-Tepelena highway. The new road corridor will link the southern district of Vlora with the Ionian coast shortening the distance and providing higher road safety standards.

“The new road offers a different landscape of another Albania to everyone who has never travelled through this area. The road will boost development of agriculture, farming and tourism in the whole area,” PM Rama said.